What is softwashing?

Don’t let the name fool you, “Soft Washing” removes the toughest grime and mold build up. Soft washing is a method of power washing that uses a very low pressure setting combined with environmentally friendly chemicals to safely clean away dirt, pollen, mold and mildew on siding.

Using this technique, homes up to 3 stories high can be cleaned from the ground which provides a much safer work environment for the cleaner and the home owner. In the hands of experience professionals, soft washing will eliminate the danger of forcing water up under siding or in window seals.

A superior cleaning method to the old fashion high pressure blasting, soft washing utilizes cleaners to not only remove mold growth but kill it down to the root. Most homes stay mold free for about 2 years, but many customers prefer yearly maintenance to prevent build up and to keep the home looking new.

Each side is cleaned top to bottom, all exterior trim, soffit and gutter line will be cleaned during the process.  Because we can clean up to 3 stories safely from the ground, there is no need for a ladder. This is much safer for us and less to worry about for our clients.

All of our cleaners are bio – degradable and pet friendly.  Plants will not be harmed during the cleaning process and pets can safely walk in recently cleaned areas.


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