Soft Washing in Cold weather

Soft Washing in Cold weather – Can you have your house washed?

Here in northern Virginia with the very fluid weather system we have here, you never know how long winter will last or how quickly it will come.  Many pressure washing companies stop services due to cold weather and snow.  This article reviews some pros and cons of high pressure washing Vs. Low pressure washing in colder temperatures
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Safety first

Soft washing in cold weather is preferable to high pressure cleaning and actually much safer than traditional high pressure washing in the same cold conditions for a number of reasons.  Because high pressure cleaning involves ladder work, when the temperatures get down into the low 40’s and 30’s it’s much more dangerous to be on ladders because of the possibility of the ground still being frozen or possibly ice buildup on the house.  In addition the house itself is much more brittle and more prone to ladder damage and damage from using high pressure. Even snow on the ground will not be a problem for a professional soft washer like it would traditional high pressure guys who would need use of ladders.

Cleaning in the cold seasons

With the right cleaning agents, cleaning can be done in colder conditions.  An experienced company will know when they can and can’t get a cleaning done.  Sometimes one service can be completed but another may not for example gutter brightening may need to wait a little longer then a house wash.  As long as it’s above the freezing mark, soft washing is possible.  The reason for this is that if it’s below 32 degrees, water may start causing damage to the pressure washing unit.  Many companies wait until the temperatures reach into the 50’s because the cleaning solutions being working better as the temperatures rise.

We began washing this year in early march and washed several homes in Ashburn and Sterling with temperatures hovering in the high 30’s.  It can be done but it is cooold!

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