How often should you power wash?

How often should you power wash your home?

Cleaning frequency

This is a pretty common question I get from home owners. The answer, at least in our area here in northern Va is either yearly or every other year for siding. Decking should be done yearly.


To keep the home looking great and prevent buildup from accumulating, yearly cleaning is the best option. Often times siding does not appear at a distance to have any green mildew growing but upon closer examination, often times grey blotching (mildew), spider webs and general debris will be noticeable.  Yearly cleaning is the best option for upkeep and mildew prevention. Aluminum sided homes should be cleaned yearly to prevent discoloration.

Every other year

I would say at a minimum homes should be cleaned every other year, especially in areas with active HOA’s.  After 2 years, homes in this area normally have accumulated mold and mildew that can be seen from the street, or at a distance.  Having a cleaning done every other year is probably enough to keep the HOA from sending letters, yearly is better for keeping the siding looking new.

Longer periods of time

Many homes we clean in this area have not been done in several years. While this does not present any problem for us, there is normally a “shock value” when home owners see how clean the home looks after thick buildup has been removed. Often times, especially on aluminum siding, the home will look uneven or splotchy after all the mildew and growth has been removed. This is from uneven weathering and oxidation that occurs over time. An easy way to prevent this and keep the siding looking great is yearly or every other year cleanings.


Decking is best to have cleaned yearly if not sealed, especially wood decks. Wooden boards tend to gray fairly quickly if not sealed properly. If a sealant or stain has been applied then the deck can go for another or maybe 2 but should at least have a light cleaning done at year 2. Good sealants should last 2+ years before another application needs to be applied.

Increase curb appeal

Some clients opt for a power washing when preparing for a home sale.  This is a great idea. Power washing is an inexpensive service compared to many upgrades and can be done quickly.  Roof washing is also now available. It is a newer service we offer and removes black streaking from roof shingles. Previously, the most common way home owners got rid of streaking was to replace the entire roof! That is a serious investment.  It is surprising how nice a roof looks after being cleaned using our low pressure roof cleaning method. Its also much much cheaper then replacing the whole roof.

I would recommend for the best results and prevention of mold, mildew and blotching/unevenness to have siding cleaned yearly, or every other year at a minimum. This will keep the home looking great and keep the HOA notices at bay.



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