Low Pressure House Washing

Vinyl, aluminum, wood,  stone and block siding homes accumulate green mold, algae and dirt.  Washing these pollutants off homes is our most popular service and one of the most important.  Molds can cause damage and rot surfaces over time if left untreated.  Our house washing service completely removes these molds and algae down to the root. In most cases yearly maintenance is the best option to keep the mold at bay, but many of our clients open for a cleaning every other year.

Out with the old in with the new

We use the most up-to-date methods of pressure washing utilizing specialized cleaners and safe low pressure to clean and rise siding.  No longer does siding need to be cleaned by using high pressure blasting which can cause cause all kinds of problems from damaging siding to forcing water inside the home. Using these new low pressure techniques, we can get a better, more thorough clean, get it done safer and much more efficiently without any chance of damaging siding or forcing water inside the home.

Cleaning can also now be safely done from the ground, minimizing the need for risky ladder work. The results are always the same, fantastic sparkling new looking siding instantly adding curb appeal and increasing the value of the home.

Extra care is taken around the home when washing

East Coast Powerwashing uses safe low pressure washing to cleaning wash siding.  This prevents water from entering through  windows or breaking windows and blowing out or damaging siding.  All cleaners are bio-degradable, pet friendly, and will not harm surrounding landscaping as everything is thoroughly rinsed before and after cleaning.  Actually your surrounding plant life will probably grow more vigorously after a house cleaning due to the extra watering!

All work is guaranteed and estimates are free.  We are licensed, insured, and carry workmans comp.

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