Cleaning a local church

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                  January 20, 2014

East coast powerwashing offers superior pressure washing method

Northern Virginia company uses low pressure washing to reduce the occurrence of damage in its cleaning projects.

Sterling, VA, January 20, 2014 – With a mechanical water sprayer, pressure washing is very convenient for cleaning the surfaces of buildings. However, too much water pressure can cause damage. To prevent this from happening, East Coast Powerwashing—which mainly serves Loudon County and Fairfax County in Virginia—uses low pressure washing, also referred to as “soft washing.”

Mold, algae, dust, grime, and mildew not only make houses look ugly, they also can damage them over time. Thus cleaning companies recommend cleaning houses once in a few years. Houses in particularly humid or shaded areas are in greater need of pressure washing than others, since they tend to accumulate more mold and attract more dust mites.

With low pressure washing, East Coast Powerwashing safely removes these undesirable elements from aluminum, wood, vinyl, stone, and block siding homes. Because they use low pressure, the cleaners will not break windows, damage siding, or harm the surrounding landscaping of houses.

Straight out of college, Michael Kidwell, who has over 5 years of experience in pressure washing, founded the company in 2011. According to him, it was out of necessity.

“The economy was poor at the time I came out of college,” said Kidwell, who is the owner and sole operator of the company, “and I could not find a decent paying job, so I started the business.”

Kidwell’s low pressure washing method was put to the test on August 2013, when he responded to a request from Guilford Baptist Church. The organization was moving into a new building, which is located at 501 North York Road in Sterling, VA. Kidwell pressure washed the concrete walkway at the building, as well as the children’s park area behind it.

According to church administrator Brian Spears, Kidwell did an “amazing” job.

“He made the stuff almost look brand new,” said Spears.

East Coast Powerwashing provides other washing services. Instead of a roof replacement, some residents go for the less expensive option of roof cleaning. Adhering to the cleaning regulations of the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association, East Coast Powerwashing can remove the black streaking, lichen, and moss that usually accumulate on unwashed roofs. The company also cleans windows and patios, leaving them sparking clean for the next few years.

 About East Coast Powerwashing:

 Founded in January 2011, East Coast Powerwashing is licensed to provide pressure washing and window cleaning services to the Northern Virginia area, including Reston, Fairfax, Leesburg, and Mcclean. The company is a member of the Pressure Washing Resource Association and a recipient of the Angies List 2013 Super Services award for Power Washing in Northern Virginia. Fully committed to its status as a prominent home cleaning company, East Coast Powerwashing has insurance coverage up to $1,000,000. To request an estimate, contact East Coast Powerwashing at or by calling 703-297-7589 or emailing the company at


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